The Center for Civic & Community Engagement (CCE) expands classroom learning, empowering students to think in a community-minded way, lead and activate local efforts for good, and promote a life-long love for service. By bridging the resources of the university into the community, students begin to make connections between their work in the classroom and their service efforts, utilizing critical listening, empathy, collaboration, and innovation to solve real-world problems.

Our student volunteers learn, serve, and grow as advocates in education, social justice, community development and a variety of diverse programming so they each feel impassioned about their work. We teach students how to fully engage with the community in purposeful, inclusive, and respectful ways so they can make the most impact according to their interests. They then serve via a range of opportunities from single day volunteering, to semester-long experiences, to immersive fellowships. Through service, students grow to become catalysts for change as they develop the skills to advocate for a more socially just world post-graduation. 



James Roland

Senior Director, Civic and Community Engagement

Christy Bradley

Director, Atlanta Urban Debate League and K-12 Engagement

Byron Jones

Director, Student Led Community Engagement

Brian Pirapakaran

Associate Director, Special Projects and Strategic Outreach

Kate Grace

Director, Community Building and Social Change

Ali Madani, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Atlanta Urban Debate League

Cleo Lyles

Program Coordinator, Student-led Community Engagement

Yasmine Hunt-Strong

Project Support Specialist

Vacant Position

Senior Program Coordinator, Graduation Generation

Vacant Position

Program Coordinator, Emory Votes Initiative

Inspiring impact

83 Over 83% of Emory students volunteer in Atlanta and beyond.
80 Over 80 weekly service trips across metro-Atlanta
150 CCE serves with over 150 community partners locally and beyond
50,000+ Over 50,000+ hours of civic and community engagement occur each year

Mission and Vision

Learn to lead

Our programs and partnerships help students and members of the Emory community extend their classroom knowledge, lived experiences, skills, and interests so they can engage fully with the community in a socially responsible way.

Serve with passion

Members of the Emory community use their gifts, talents, and backgrounds to support different causes in our community--easily matching their passion with purpose.

Grow deeper connections

We strive to create a deeper understanding of community with the capacity to cross-pollinate diverse ideas and bring forth innovative solutions in a collaborative, mutually beneficial way.

In the CCE we strive to engage all constituents in a variety of opportunities. Here you will find ways to participate in the community, learn more about community engagement and more. Learn more about the CCE and our accomplishments by reading our annual reports!

CCE 2019-2020 Annual Report

CCE 2020-2021 Annual Report

CCE 2021-2022 Annual Report