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Graduation Generation knows the exponential power of access to education for our young community members. For some, it’s an uphill climb. We engage students more fully, involve families more regularly, and empower teachers more effectively so kids have every opportunity. We mobilize the students, faculty and staff, of Emory University to collaborate with K-12 schools and community organizations to provide and support effective programs and services with schools in the metro Atlanta area seeking to prepare students to graduate to the next level and be both career and life ready.


Graduation Generation has a history of meeting the community during its hardest times. We were founded in 2010 during the great recession as an effort to invest in improving schools in local neighborhoods. Mr. Rick Rieder - a philanthropist, businessman, Emory alumnus/trustee, Managing Director of BlackRock, Inc., and member of the Communities in Schools National Leadership Council - donated $1 million to jumpstart the GradGen initiative.

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Graduation Generation enriches Atlanta’s K-12 community by driving its charter through a variety of programs. Here is a list of our most recent programs. 

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How To Get Involved with Graduation Generation

With different projects happening every week around Atlanta, there are many ways to get involved.

All of them require different commitments from volunteers. Most of our undergraduate students have elected to continue as interns for seven semesters or more they find working with GradGen so rewarding.

“The ideas of college and the college application process are two very daunting ideas and students who come from low-income communities, who are often first-generation, may feel distant from the idea and even be intimidated by it. This should not be the case because the students we work with are incredibly talented.” –Emory undergrad volunteer 

  1. Reach out to us to see which program you’re right for.
  2. See what works in your schedule.
  3. Sign up and get any training you need to start.


Leaders, Staff, Student Interns

James Roland

Sr. Director, Civic and Community Engagement

Christy Bradley

Director, Atlanta Urban Debate League & K-12 Engagement

Micah Tucker

Senior Program Coordinator, K-12 Outreach and Support Graduation Generation

Sarah Longa

Assistant Program Coordinator

Jack Miklaucic

Affiliate Program Leader- EmPower

Nina Chi

Curriculum Designer- College Prep/ Program Leader- EmPower

Benjamin Cho

Advancement & Partnership Coordinator

Kathy Ding

Program Leader- SAT/ACT Prep

Anya Kasubhai

Events Manager/Program Leader- College Exposure

Lauren Zambrana

Media Specialist- Social Media

Eileena Mathews

Curriculum Designer/Program Leader- Maynard Jackson College Prep

Jordan Watson

Program Leader- College Exposure

Karen Valle-Frias

Program Leader- Cross Keys AVID

Samaia Hill

Affiliate Program Leader- Black Is Gold

Celeste Sotelo

Program Leader- Cross Keys AVID

Paris Buren

Assistant Program Coordinator

Sophia Yang

Assistant Events Manager

Brandon Scarlett

Affiliate Program Leader- Model UN